Strategies for the content of the disputation lecture

Prepare the disputation lecture: you should think about that!

Answer the questions that are following designing the disputation presentation:

Why did I research? Usually there was clearly an opportunity at the start of the research to select exactly this topic. Sometimes it is an event that is biographical often a governmental occasion, or you will find environmental or financial reasons. The solution to why you’ve chosen this subject and the thing that was the trigger for your research, could already be a first set to start the disputation lecture.

The point that is starting of doctoral task

Exactly What scientific relevance was here on your own doctoral task and the thing that was the precise starting place? Will there be anything special to state? Maybe it had been even that many years ago, whenever you began your quest, an alternative kick off point? Will there be such a thing necessary to say? That which was my concern and just why? Scientific relevance? Which question that is exact you pursue? Exactly How do you show up with your concern and exactly why was it crucial to resolve this concern? What reasons did you must select precisely this concern? Just How did We go? Just How and just why did I design the investigation? Why did you design your quest exactly as you did? Exactly What has led you to place your research together? Exactly What features that are special there in the field of research, what problems existed and exactly how do you re solve them?

Just What means (theories, methods) did you used to arrive at a summary?

Why do you choose certain theories and what made you utilize certain practices? Why do you make use of precisely these processes rather than other people? How wouldn’t it have now been in the event that you had utilized a new concept, a method that is different?

Tell regarding the results that are main! What is new? Exactly what is so unique about this?

Right Here it is vital to emphasize your own personal outcome. Just How did you show up using this total outcome, exactly what are the unique characteristics of the result and what exactly is special regarding the outcome? Just What findings that are new brought your outcome and exactly what may be the research later on?

How are these results to be categorized in a context that is scientific? Which changes be a consequence of your outcome when it comes to science? Exactly What do your outcomes suggest for any other research fields in your control? How can your results intermesh with already research that is existing what’s the relationship to your research status, presented at the start of the dissertation?

How do the results be employed to many other procedures? What significance do your homework findings have for any other disciplines? How can you influence and change other research disciplines?

What further research requires arise? Just What’s new now? And, you might have currently formulated it within the outlook of your dissertation, exactly what should always be explored now? Just What could you continue steadily to explore if you decide to carry on taking care of your subject? Perhaps you also plan it, as an example, for the habilitation or even the « second book ».

The meaning of your outcomes for research in your subject

What exactly is changing in research now? Perhaps research that is already existing have to be revised by the research? What are they and just what does that mean?

If you were to think through all those questions within the conception of one’s disputation lecture and perhaps additionally in your presentation, it will be far easier for you really to produce, substantiate and hold your presentation.

You might like to come up with the next elements in a presentation in the module principle:

  • Research project / starting position regarding the dissertation.
  • Theses or presumptions prior to the dissertation.
  • Analysis question associated with dissertation.
  • Further research requires following the dissertation.
  • Procedure of this study of the dissertation.
  • Theories / Methods of the dissertation.
  • Transferability for the total link between the dissertation.
  • Transfer to a discussion that is scientific the doctoral reviewers.

The purpose of a disputation lecture

Protection of this dissertation: You « defend » and talk about your dissertation before in accordance with a panel of specialists. This means your quest is well created and shows what is new in your research task, or exactly what outcomes arrived on the scene of it. A bit, additionally you show it the way you did that it was very important to do this research and complete.

Cause for the total outcomes: You reveal that one may scientifically express your quest results and arguments. You reveal how important it had been to transport this research out and show that in your doctoral studies you’ve got learned everything required as the next medical practitioner, namely clinical thinking, presentation and mediation abilities. In addition, you reveal that you will be theoretically as much as date medical.