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We saw a doctor down in southern ontario and he strongly recommended to quit taking lipitor and metformin because he said they were the two culprits.

Question my cardiologist suggested lipitor because my triglycerides are high 442 and my hdl is low 27 .

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On february 27, 2017, the lipitor diabetes mdl was officially closed after the court dismissed all remaining pending claims under the mdl and the judicial panel on multidistrict litigation ceased to transfer and consolidate new cases to the mdl.

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The lipitor side effects in women include an increases risk of diabetes in those over 45.

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Some severe side effects of lipitor are hepatitis or changes in liver functioning, severe muscle cramps, and oedema that are fairly serious.

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Studies have shown that lipitor may increase hemoglobin a1c and fasting glucose levels.

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from november 2011 to june 2012, pfizer paid rebates to pbms and medicare part d plans for each lipitor prescription filled.