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In case you’ve got a pet with fur, the fur will enter the carpet. Our cleaning services include commercial and residential cleaning where we take care of your carpets, kitchens, floors, toilets, etc.. While regular vacuuming is a must, pet hair can get embedded into the best carpet cleaner carpets and can be tricky to get out. To keep your home and office tidy and sterile without dropping a sweat, call us today! Here are a few procedures and tricks to help take the pain from cleaning up pet hair.

Tina asked: How do I disinfect our carpeting? I recently discovered that my dog has worms (because she was doing the bum-slide on my carpeting ). This approach works well on low-pile carpeting. I have a 7 month old who’s rolling and rolling on that same carpeting. I attempted the fabric softener method and it didn’t seem to function the first time. How do I disinfect the carpeting so my infant doesn’t get ill.

But , I tried again since I now have two ragdoll cats! I can’t seem to keep up with the very soft fur they shed. If you have a carpet mess that must be not only washed, but sanitized, white vinegar does the job.

Here’s how I did this method: 2 parts water to 1 part fabric softener (rather than 3 parts water). Eco-friendly and non-toxic, it’s a great solution for busy households needing a fast fix. I mist-sprayed the carpet and let it completely dry, meaning I didn’t vacuum until the next day. Best of all, it’s totally safe for both kids and pets, secure to pour down the drain, and cheap to use.

I’ve done this twice and I think I have finally found the solution to getting the pet hair from my carpet! P.S. It may kill 99% bacteria, as well as a majority of viruses and molds. I utilized Suavetel fabric softener and my home now smells wonderful! Adding it to a steam cleaner can perform the double-duty of also using heat to kill pathogens, resulting in a well-cleaned location.

Rubber sole shoes also work really well. I SAY THIS FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR HEALTH! Vinegar never has, or ever will, disinfect a surface! However, only if you happen to have them, and ones who got ‘t leave any scuff marks. Yes, CLEANING will reduce the amount of germs. I would advise against using "tacky endorsed " whatever (tape, etc. — even though a lint roller may work), as far as the adhesive from the tape may pick up the dirt, a few of the adhesive necessarily ends up stuck into the fibers of your carpet, meaning they will pick up a hell of a lot more dirt, even quicker!

Water and sponges/rubber all the way! CLEANING will cut the sum of smell. "Steaming" it using a steamer can be a joke! You may just kill what the steam could reach. We’ve got two Australian shepherds within the home.

It takes about 20 minutes of continuous steam to sanitize (not disinfect) a hard surface… and more (if not impossible) to sanitize a three dimensional surface.